Assorted Links, 9/8/21

I love the fall! Excited for leaves and weather and all those good things. St. John’s has started, with my math and natural science tutorial: On the Nature of Things is tough but good, and Euclid’s Elements is excellent. I was, if I may say so, entirely correct that studying Euclid in a group, in front of a blackboard, is the correct and potentially only way to study Euclid.

  1. This blog isn’t a Mary Beard fan account, but it’s not… not a Mary Beard fan account, y’know? “Carpentry is as important as the classics” might be the closest thing to a manifesto or guiding principle that this blog has.
  2. Ross Douthat on Stephen King, summer, and the great state of Maine.
  3. “What’s the matter with book reviews?”
  4. Tangential to this blog’s focus, but I enjoyed this interview with Andrew Sullivan on his early influences, parts one and two.
  5. Life advice from Edgar Allen Poe.
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