Assorted Links 9/22/21

  1. Elle Griffin is releasing her Gothic novel on Substack, serially, for subscribers.
  2. Sally Rooney is, to put it mildly, having a moment. Interview in The Guardian on the “hell of fame.” Says Rooney, “Of course, that person could stop doing whatever it is they’re good at, in order to be allowed to retire from public life, but that seems to me like a big sacrifice on their part and an exercise in cultural self-destruction for the rest of us, forcing talented people either to endure hell or keep their talents to themselves.”
  3. Redditor breaks down why Barnes & Noble is struggling, and none of the reasons start with “A” and end with “mazon.”
  4. A few years ago, I worked my way through a couple of the most famous Agatha Christie novels, and I still read 1-2 a year. Here’s a list of contemporary references and nods to Christie’s work.
  5. On “The Scarlet Letter.”
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  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing my gothic novel. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

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