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Why They’ll Read Dante in Space

(Previous thoughts on Dante here and here.) “Dante and Shakespeare divide the modern world between them; there is no third.” —T.S. Eliot. “At one point midway on our path in life, I came around and found myself now searching through … Continue reading

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(Hopefully) Less inchoate thoughts on Dante’s Inferno

Continued from here. Intellectuals say that Paradiso is for pious theologians, Purgatorio is for brilliant, exacting scholars of Medieval cosmology, but Inferno, Inferno is for filthy casuals. —Books in 150 Words. I finished Inferno over the weekend, and there’s something about … Continue reading

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Inchoate thoughts on Dante’s Inferno

“Will you – should either head back to the world – bring comfort to my memory, which lies still lashed beneath the stroke of envious eyes?” Inferno, Canto 13.76-78. I’m about a third of the way through Inferno, just finished Canto 13, … Continue reading

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