Monday links

Most of the stuff that’s being written on the Classics these days is, directly or indirectly, responding to the New York Times Magazine piece, which means that most of these pieces are arguing either in defense of the Classics or in favor of its self-immolation.

  1. Two from the National Review: In Defense of the Classics and Are the Classics Racist?
  2. What Makes the Classics Worth Studying.
  3. The Chronicle of Higher Ed surveys the debates.
  4. Why I won’t surrender the classics to the far right. (Missed this last time! This is by Dr. Shadi Bartsch, whose translation of The Aeneid was just released.)
  5. Radical rhetoric won’t save the humanities, but neither will humanist nostrums“.

(I don’t know how often I’ll do these link posts — I’m guessing that it’ll depend on, well, how much people are talking about this. I suspect that there’ll be enough material for at least a weekly post, but I do wonder if we’ll all go back to normal Classics navel-gazing at some stage.)

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