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Some personal news, as they say: I was accepted to St. John’s!

I can’t remember exactly when I first heard of St. John’s, but I think it was when I read Robert Hagstrom’s Investing: The Last Liberal Art in early 2018. In the chapter on literature, he references both the Great Books … Continue reading

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Why read classic books?

Or: in defense of the middle ground This is my first attempt to “think out loud” about the question I get most often: why bother reading the Classics? This is still very much a work in progress: I think people … Continue reading

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Registration for the forum: now open

Quick programming note: as well as the comments section underneath each post, this site has a forum for wider discussion. New user registration for that forum is now available, and you can register and log on at this link. Literary … Continue reading

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Monday links

Most of the stuff that’s being written on the Classics these days is, directly or indirectly, responding to the New York Times Magazine piece, which means that most of these pieces are arguing either in defense of the Classics or … Continue reading

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