Friday Links, 4/23/21

  1. Dr. Shadi Bartsch has a predictably excellent conversation with Tyler. Her translation of The Aeneid is fantastic, but her commentary on Virgil, the era in which he was writing, and the choices he makes in the text are even better.
  2. Profile of Edward Said.
  3. “There’s a certain kind of humor and self-effacement that studying the classics cultivates,” said Professor Noe. “You take your discipline seriously. It’s a trust of information and tradition thousands of years old, but you don’t take yourself seriously because you say that ultimately, you’re not that important.”
  4. I will often mix up Angela Duckworth (who wrote Grit) and Tammy Duckworth (the U.S. politician), but here is Tammy Duckworth on By The Book.
  5. What Nick Hornby has been reading.
  6. Is Shakespeare still relevant today? “In his plays where the women cross dress and homoerotic relationships are hinted at, but the women ultimately reveal their identities as women, is Shakespeare endorsing same-sex love or not? In plays where kings are said to be the anointed ones of God, but are shown to be wicked, is Shakespeare endorsing monarchy or not?”
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