Wednesday Links, 4/28/21

  1. Summary and analysis of Agamemnon.
  2. “Like Prose’s essay on the Comey hearing for NYRBThe Vixen makes an implicit argument for good writing, and even good editing, as a form of political defiance.”
  3. David Goodman has a good quote in response to the news about the Howard University classics department.
  4. Speaking of Howard, here is Dr. Anika Prather: “Howard University’s classics department is an incubator for Black equality. Don’t close it.”
  5. And, last thing on Howard, a counterpoint to the Washington Post op-ed: “Testing the West at Howard University: Thoughts on a Very Strange Op-Ed.”
  6. Is The Canterbury Tales the first place in literatures, chronologically, we encounter undeniably bawdy stories that have made it to us today in such acclaim? Please feel free to jump into this discussion on Twitter.
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