Monday Links, 5/3/21

  1. Another argument added to the debate of “What Are the Classics For?
  2. Dr. Anika Prather, a Classics professor at Howard University, is talking about fundraising to save the Howard Classics department. There’s talk of a website being set up, which I’ll share.
  3. On the problems of reading classic literature today.
  4. Things I Learned After a Brief Foray into BookTok. (For the uninitiated: “Book” + “TikTok.”) A followup to “How Crying on TikTok Sells Books” in the NYT.
  5. Napoleon: the ultimate bookworm.
  6. New grant: “The GFU program will employ a format based on text, writing and discussion focused on the essential aspects of freedom and citizenship. It will feature a number of Spanish-language authors in a great books curriculum and students will be expected to engage in question-driven seminars tackling big life questions[.]”

And, for something a bit different, I loved thisĀ Wall St. JournalĀ article on chess masters obsessing over the chairs they use.

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