Friday Links, 5/21/21

I’ve been reading and enjoying Not All Dead White Men, Donna Zuckerberg’s book on misogyny in the Classics.

“[N]obody denies that our society owes a debt to the Greeks. The question is how that debt should be treated. Should we romanticize that debt, as Shelley did, and as one can find men on Red Pill websites doing today? Or is it more of a complicated and problematic legacy?”

  1. On war, War and Peace, and rereading books.
  2. Anika Prather on the role of the Classics in understanding Black history.
  3.  “As a librarian and a writer I am here to tell you that it’s OK to stop reading a book you aren’t feeling.”
  4. Summary and Analysis of George Orwell’s ‘My Country Right or Left’.
  5. A novel for life after the pandemic.
  6. A writer’s fellowship for unpublished, underrepresented women. “LitUp will provide five emerging writers with an all-expenses-paid retreat, a three-month mentorship with a published author, and marketing support from Reese’s Book Club.” Apply by May 30.
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