Assorted Links, 6/8/21

  1. Review of “The Book Smugglers.”
  2. The war on the Classics: a counterpunch, literally, to the recent Princeton news.
  3. “I suspect that Classics is a subject that over more than a millennium, or maybe over two, has actually thrived on the fear of its own demise (a lot of that self-confidence is a very thin veneer). Indeed, that’s partly what makes Classics feel so urgent, and new.” Thing I missed from when Antigone’s history: Mary Beard replied to Stephen Fry’s original post, “Ghost of Classics Yet To Come.”
  4. …and speaking of AntigoneLearning from the Master: Socrates’ examined life.
  5. A Literary Critic Criticizes Criticism and, Of Course, Amateur Reviews.”
  6. New, to me: The New York Review of Books has a Classics club.

Attn, Irish readers: New Seamus Heaney-themed walking tour in Ireland.

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  1. Joseph Rockne says:

    Each Sunday I read your weekly links. Thank you.

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