Assorted Links, 6/18/21

  1. The founder of Trader Joe’s, the grocery chain, wrote a memoir that’s “a lot of fun.” I’d believe it!
  2. Incredible saga of a gay ex-priest Latin translator employed by… The Vatican.
  3. Chicago Tribune review of Zena Hitz’s Lost in Thought, which highlights my favorite part of the book, that intellectual fulfillment shouldn’t –and doesn’t have to be– solely the purview of Ivory Tower-types.
  4. “What Greek epics taught me about the special relationship between fathers and sons.”
  5. New scholarship for El Paso students to attend St. John’s. Speaking of SJC, their Annapolis campus is looking for their next president.
  6. Jump-starting your pandemic writing habit.
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4 Responses to Assorted Links, 6/18/21

  1. Joseph Rockne says:

    Thank you.

    The fathers and sons piece on Odysseus is amazing.

  2. Cihan says:

    Hi Tommy – do you have a Goodreads? I was thinking about adding all of these to a Goodreads shelf, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t duplicating effort. (I tried scraping your webpage and putting them straight into Goodreads, but Goodreads requires an ISBN to do text importing…)
    I have been doing a very similar project to you, but I have been reading the core books in Harold Bloom’s ‘The Western Canon.’ It’s funny that we both started at roughly the same time, and it’s been lovely to see your reactions to some of the same books I have been reading.

    • Tommy Collison says:

      Hi Cihan!

      I do have a Goodreads but I haven’t used it in a year or so — I’ll see if I can throw everything together. 🙂 Do you have a link to what you’ve been reading? Are you keeping a blog? Would love to read more!


      P.S. Any interest in joining for a few classes of the discussion series?

      • Cihan Brant says:

        Excellent, thanks!
        Well, now that I’ve said it, I suppose I’ll have to get started on writing some of my thoughts down! I made a substack that I’m planning to use, here:
        I use goodreads so that I keep updated with what I’m reading – you can see the list of books I plan to read here:
        I’m going chronologically, and have just started Shakespeare. I will be sure to join some of the discussions on interintellect!
        In addition, I saw your tweet on “A twitch for reading books” – I had this exact idea recently too, with the idea being to share the experience of reading simultaneously with someone, kind of like an accountability thing If you’re in a library, and everyone else is reading, you’re more likely to read than play on your phone. Would be happy to chat about setting something like that up.

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