Assorted Links, 7/25/21

It’s an active kind of leisure where you engage in meaningful conversation, contemplate enduring questions, and nurture the soul with everlasting wisdom. It’s recreation, not labor. Active, not passive. And by reminding you that there’s more to life than the physical world, her Greek-inspired definition of leisure is an invitation to lose yourself in the majesty of being.

  • Andrew Sullivan has a new book coming out.
  • On the Icelandic literary scene.
  • Mary Beard has a delightful piece on her career: “During the week we would get together late most nights, for a lot of whisky and Marlborough Reds, and he would share (among plenty of talk of politics and long-regretted lovers) what it was actually like to be a head of department – in a way that was a complete eye-opener for a twenty-four-year-old who still hadn’t finished her thesis and didn’t quite know what an academic career was all about.”
  • Book 1 of The Odyssey, in comic/tweetstorm form.
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