Thursday Links 3/11/21

Our articles will dust down the Ancient Greeks and Romans and bring them into fresh conversation with modern-day readers of all ages. […] To be sure, not every idea from Classical antiquity deserves to be defended, and we enthusiastically invite critical analysis of those that may be wrong. On the whole, however, our writers do seek to uphold and promote ideals that held sway thousands of years ago: open enquiry, robust debate and the unfettered exploration of ideas.

  • New (to me) blog: “Inclusive pedagogy and diverse book reviews by a queer classicist of colour.”
  • Emily Wilson (for whose translation of The Iliad I am very excited) on the current conversation. “To sum up: it’s not about cancelling Homer. It’s about thinking hard about how and why we study ancient cultures, and taking seriously the intellectual and ethical problems in the modern field of “classics”. History is questions, not monuments.”
  • Wake Forest University has a class on “Classics Beyond Whiteness,” which (as far as I can tell) is required to graduate with a Classics degree. (Via Sententiae Antiquae, another blog that’s new to me!)

Studies misconceptions that ancient Greeks and Romans were white; race in Graeco-Roman societies; the role of Classics in modern racial politics; and non-white approaches to Classics. Considers race as social construct; white supremacy, fragility, and privilege; and critical-race-theoretical study of ancient cultures. 

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