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Assorted Links, 8/2/21

“The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses on its turning. The weeks that come before are only a … Continue reading

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Inchoate thoughts on Middlemarch, and fiction

Ed. Note: If it weren’t already obvious, I’m sort of throwing my original book order out the window. Most of this has to do with making sure that I’m prepared for the Interintellect discussion series, but part of it is also not … Continue reading

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Assorted Links, 7/25/21

I enjoyed this piece on time in Frankenstein. David Perell has published his mammoth essay on the liberal arts. It’s excellent. It’s an active kind of leisure where you engage in meaningful conversation, contemplate enduring questions, and nurture the soul with … Continue reading

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What’s Overlooked in Frankenstein

I first read Frankenstein as a college freshman, and I was excited to read it again for the discussion series I’m hosting with David McDougall. The novel has permeated pop culture such that the themes (hubris, scientific advancement gone awry, those funny … Continue reading

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Why They’ll Read Dante in Space

(Previous thoughts on Dante here and here.) “Dante and Shakespeare divide the modern world between them; there is no third.” —T.S. Eliot. “At one point midway on our path in life, I came around and found myself now searching through … Continue reading

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Assorted Links, 7/18/21

Excited to be back after the summer break! It’s getting closer to the Fall semester at St. John’s, and I’m enjoying rereading Frankenstein. Let’s catch up with the world of great books, and I’ll share more of what I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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Inchoate thoughts on Descartes’ Meditations

Back when I read Euclid’s Elements*, I wrote (or maybe just thought) that some of these books were best read in person. Some of the Great Books (the novels, I think?) are easy to digest, while others require more grappling. In … Continue reading

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Assorted Links, 6/28/21

Hello! Sorry for the break in programming: we’ll blame the summer. I’m just about to finish Meditations on First Philosophy for the InterIntellect. It’s good, but I’m putting it in the same box as Euclid’s Elements: one that’s best read in a group. … Continue reading

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Assorted Links, 6/18/21

The founder of Trader Joe’s, the grocery chain, wrote a memoir that’s “a lot of fun.” I’d believe it! Incredible saga of a gay ex-priest Latin translator employed by… The Vatican. Chicago Tribune review of Zena Hitz’s Lost in Thought, which … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Reading, June 2021

When I started the solo Great Books Project, I laid out the first year and set a goal to read that first list by December 31, 2021. It’s looking less likely that I’ll hit it — I left the ancient world … Continue reading

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